Friendship Circle/Color Wheel Chaircushion

Amy Friendpinwheels, quilting17 Comments

Three years ago now, while on a walk with the kids, I spied some chairs by the roadside. I finished my walk, got the car and picked up a couple of the chairs. I immediately sanded and painted the chairs and my husband tacked some wood over the seats because the woven seats were missing. I planned to use one chair as my sewing chair but it’s been sitting in the corner waiting for a cushion.

Finally, it is at my sewing table where it belongs.

I had the urge to make something else color wheel like and was inspired by this block called the Friendship Circle. I thought it had nice potential for a color wheel. It’s paper pieced and I don’t have a lot of experience with that so it was a little tricky. Everything lined up pretty well except for one spot. I decided to let it go since, after all, I will be sitting on it more than looking at it!