More Linocuts and Covered Buttons

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I made an experimental set of covered buttons with this design that I am calling “Wagon Wheels.” They measure 1 1/8.” I actually used prints from the wheels of my “Pram” linoleum block. I thought that they would make a fun, simple design. I plan to carve some new designs specifically for buttons because I particularly like covered buttons and enjoy making them so much. I am thinking of a leaf design next.

I also made a handful of 4″ x 6″ prints on 5″ x 7″ 55% Essex 45% Linen Cotton Blend fabric with a few of my blocks.

Pictured here are “Party Dress” and “Diaper Pins.” Can’t you picture the “Diaper Pins” print used to embellish a diaper bag pocket? I was asked to consider selling some of these prints on fabric for personal use. After a little consideration, I decided to go ahead. I just ask that they are not used for items that will be resold. If you are making an item for your school/charity/religious organization’s raffle, that’s fine. I have the buttons and 6 different prints in the shop now.