New to Me Sewing Space Furniture!

Amy Friendsewing space10 Comments

My friend’s grandmother recently passed away. Her mom was cleaning out her grandmother’s apartment she offered this hutch to me:

I thought it was so nice of her to think of me. She knew I had an old home and thought that the hutch might be happy there. Red isn’t my favorite color so, with her permission, I went ahead and repainted it this color which I really like. It’s called Ashley Gray by Benjamin Moore. It is a gray but has warm brown undertones. I put it next to my sewing machine and am storing fabric in the bottom and my carved linoleum blocks on the shelves as well as some pincushions and a mini quilt. I know I will quickly fill the rest of the shelf space!

This piece, an old Hoosier kitchen cabinet, had been in my mom’s house used as an island in her kitchen. When the kitchen was redone last year, the Hoosier went into our barn. I used it as a work surface to decorate my Christmas wreaths but just realized that my cutting mat might fit on top. And it does! This means no more moving the mat on and off of the table for each meal. I am so excited to have a more useful sewing space but also to have it full of furniture with lots of character.