Bird and Nest Pincushion

Amy Friendpincushion pass swap16 Comments

The package that I sent for the Pincushion Pass arrived at Michele’s house today! I was very excited to receive Michele as my partner. She is so creative and I love the way that she makes use of available materials/supplies and recyclables.

I was happy when she told me that her sewing room was white, sky blue and green. I love those colors too and this little bird in a nest idea was itching to come to life. The colors seemed like they would work well. Because she loves to use recycled materials in her work, I wanted to use some in this pincushion. The nest is made with an old length of clothesline that I wrapped with a scrap of raw edged linen. I stitched through all layers on my machine and then coiled it into a nest shape and secured it with hand stitches. The bird is made with felt that I purchased from Heather Bailey. The bird pattern is adapted from a Martha Stewart chicken pattern that I found free on line. I hope I did away with most of the chickenyness of it. I used slightly different buttons from my button bag to secure the wings on each side. I thought that Michele was the type to appreciate the lack of matchy matchyness.

It was so fun to make and I am happy that she likes it. I feel a bit badly though because I don’t think it is the most practical of pincushions and she informed me that it is her only pincushion. I knew that going into it too and might have been better off making my Scrappy Armrest Pincushion. I just really wanted to make her the bird. I had to take this last shot of the pincushion on the tiles and paint chips that are currently being installed in our new bathroom. I must be into these colors at the moment!