Butterfly Linocut Needle Keeper

Amy Friendlinocuts, sewing needle case7 Comments

No mini quilts today! Instead, it is another needle book but I have decided to call it a needle keeper instead because it sounds cuter. Don’t you think?

I made this one as a gift for a friend who is in a lot of physical pain. She enjoys cross stitch and I believe that she is still able to do her needlework in her condition. I thought this little gift might bring a smile to her face when she needs one.
This butterfly linoleum block is special to me because I made it twelve years ago for the cover of our wedding invitations. I printed them with gold ink on white cards and used a sheer rice paper overlay that had silver and gold bits in it. I then tied each card with a thin gold ribbon to hold the overlay in place. The reply cards had a side view butterfly with it’s wings closed (I used one on a mini quilt awhile back that you might remember).