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Penny woke up before 5 this morning for the day. One of her molars is cutting through the gum and looks oh so sore at the moment. That is my best guess as to why our day started so early. I took her in the yard for a “garden stroll” to allow the older two to get a little more sleep. While in the yard I noticed that the deer had visited my rose bushes and had given then a heavy pruning. Every rose and bud are gone. Then, the deer bit off and ate two of my sunflowers! That was a new one. I am so devastated. Between the deer and the moles and the rabbits, I feel like throwing in the towel. To make myself feel a bit better, I ran out and took these pictures of the each of the dozen different varieties of daylilies that are blooming in the yard at the moment. I love these lilies. They are so tough, and pretty…just like my four year old Lily 🙂 Now I had best take care of the dirty dishes before morning nap is over!