Matchy Matchy Sundresses

Amy Friendchildren's clothing, gifts6 Comments

I whipped up a couple of sundresses using the same methods that I used for Lily’s octopus dress. I purchased this material a couple of years ago when a store in town was closing. By the time I learned of the sale, everything was an additional 50% off. I bought 4 yards of this Pop Art Posies by Sue Penn for Henry Glass and Co. for $4.00!

I didn’t know what I would use it for exactly but just found a use for half of it at least. With two yards, I was able to make two matching size 5ish sundresses. One is for Lily.

The match is for her good friend who is turning five at the beginning of August. Lily will wear this dress to her party so when her friend opens her gift, she will realize that they have matching outfits. I think it will be a big hit. The birthday girl wears the skirt that I made for her last birthday every time it comes out of the wash. The matchy matchy friends part will be an added bonus.