Potholder Pass 4

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First and foremost, I’d like to thank the talented Krista for allowing me to use this image of her potholder from Potholder Pass 3 for our new button. Isn’t this an amazing potholder?
Potholder Pass 4 will be a bit smaller and more restrictive than the prior rounds, because I am getting tired! To join Potholder Pass 4, you must go to the Flickr group and express your interest on the sign up thread and send me a Flickr message with your name, address, Flickr name, and color preferences. I will not separate international and domestic shipping so please join only if you are willing to send internationally. I can tell you that it is not expensive if you package the potholders in a flat, bubble wrap kind of envelope. The swap is only open to active Flickr members. I will check your photostream if I do not recognize your name to see if you are active on Flickr. We want people to be active and participating because it is more enjoyable that way. If you have been late or did not follow through with a prior Potholder Pass swap (for unexcused reasons) you may not join this round. I am also going to limit the swap to the first 30 people who sign up and are accepted.
Otherwise, the rules are the same:
1. Potholders should be a minimum of 6″, preferably 7-8″.
2. Please use insulated batting in the potholder-at least one layer, preferably two.
3. Try to accommodate your recipient’s color requests and their taste.
4. Send a set of 2 potholders. They can be identical or coordinating.
5. You must adhere to the deadline for the swap.
6. You must join the Flickr group and respond to group posts, etc. because good communication makes the swap work so much better.
7. Please mind your manners and promptly thank your partner when you receive your potholders.
I am sorry if this excludes some interested people but I really don’t have enough time with my family and other commitments to hunt down people who aren’t following through on the swap and then finding angels for those who didn’t receive potholders.
If you are interested in joining, you have until August 28th to join. Secret partners will be assigned within the next few days so that sewing can begin September 1st. Potholders must be in the mail by the end of September.
Join here (once I get the thread started–give me a few minutes).