Twelve Years

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Twelve years ago today, on a similarly hot day, I married the most wonderful husband and father. I think it is worth posting here because he (along with my mother) is my biggest supporter in my creative endeavors. He knows how important my creative time is to me and how it helps me re energize after a trying day with the kids. He was even the one who started my blog…quite literally. I do believe he was sitting at the computer and said, “OK, what do you want to call it?” and he started typing into Blogger.
I chose this picture even though it is a little grainy because it shows my dress and veil nicely. My Mom and I made them. The dress is silk with a circle skirt. As I recall, my mom is to thank for yards and yards of hemming. The bodice has a beautiful lace overlay and covered buttons up the back. It is a simple dress but it suits me.
Boy, we are getting old though. My husband’s dark hair is now nearly completely grey!