"For the Love of Goldish" for Mary

Amy Friendfreezer paper stencils, linocuts, swap15 Comments

When my blogging friend Mary made this post at the beginning of July, my wheels began turning. I thought how fun it would be to make a goldfish bag linocut. I couldn’t get the idea out of my head so a couple of weeks ago, I asked Mary if she would like to do a one to one swap.

The silly thing agreed without any idea of what I intended to make. She kindly agreed to make me a tissue box cover for our new bathroom in return. I sent her a paint chip and she is currently stitching away. We also agreed to send each other a bag of scraps.

I really enjoyed making this for Mary. I didn’t make any attempt to copy the Heather Ross goldfish material but used it as my inspiration. I cut a linoleum block to print the bag. Then I cut freezer paper stencils for the goldfish and positioned them heading in different directions and in different spots in the bag (yes, I made up a bunch of them while making Mary’s).
It was a lot of fun and a nice excuse to email Mary on and off for a couple of weeks. It seems we are both struggling with our little ones’ sleep issues at the moment. This was a fun swap from one tired mommy to another!