Good Things Come in Threes

Amy Friendetsy, linocuts, sewing needle case8 Comments

It looks like I unintentionally made another batch of three items!

This time it is a group of needle keepers featuring my sunflower linocut. A potential customer is interested in a needle keeper using this design so I made up a group of three to give her choices. One is printed on linen, the other two on the Essex blend but one with black ink and one with golden yellow. The backs of each are different designs too.

I added a ring of french knots to the black and white needle keeper.

The pink and yellow one is mainly voile with some quilter’s cottons.
These were fun to make. I like seeing the different looks that can be achieved using one linoleum block print.
My potential customer has first dibs. Once she decides what she would like to do, I will list the others in my shop.