Goodies and a Happy Mistake

Amy Friendpincushions3 Comments

If you remember awhile back, I won the Crafterhours Little Girls Skirt portion of the Skirt Week contest. My prizes have been slowly trickling in which has made it fun. It makes the excitement last! I won one yard of custom twill tape from the Twill Tape Guy. I was very excited about this prize but had a terrible time deciding what to do! I finally decided to print my linoleum block ladybug and then scan it. In Photoshop, I made a repeating row of them, three black and one red. I had just had a sample of material printed from Spoonflower with the same pattern and thought I might use the two together somehow. The Twill Tape Guy got a little busy and my email slipped to the bottom of his inbox so he sent two yards for my patience waiting. Imagine me, patient? As cute as the twill tape is, unfortunately the colors don’t match with the Spoonflower printout. I am not sure how this happened as both companies were sent the same file. I think that this makes it really hard to order items like this online. Oh well, I will just use the twill tape and the sample of fabric on different projects and no one will be the wiser. Any suggestions for the twill tape? It measures 1″ wide.

I also won a $20 gift certificate to Above All Fabrics. Melanie was in the middle of creating a new website and asked if we’d be willing to wait to order so we could try out her new gift certificate feature on the new website. More patience was needed! I did it though and she rewarded me with an extra $5 to spend. I bought a half yard each of the materials on the right and then three scrap bags because I love scraps. They have already found their way into some of the projects that I showed you this week.

And finally, here is my happy mistake. This Kokeshi doll freezer paper stencil accidentally got a little paint on the fabric to the left of it. It was intended to be a pincushion like those I posted earlier this week. I didn’t want to trash the print though because I love this one with the little umbrella and it required three drying stages! So I cut it out and used steam a seam lite to adhere it to a charm square that matched perfectly (thanks to the scrap bag from Above All Fabrics!). And then I raw edge appliqued it in place and stitched the charm square to a backing fabric. I think that it was a cute save that I might repeat intentionally now. I am debating what to do with this pincushion. It will either go in my shop or to my DQS 9 partner.