Take a Look See

Amy Friendetsy, linocuts8 Comments

Take a “look see” at what I have been doing…I crack myself up…I think that this is what happens when you are generally alone with three children all day, every day. Your sense of humor deteriorates to their level! Anyway, I have been having some more printing fun!

I wanted to try out some linocut text. I carved out the words “look” and “see” since I wanted to make eyeglass cases.

I made a couple of cases where I printed my linocut block repeatedly over the entire piece of fabric for the exterior.

The hand stitching coordinates with the lining. The linings on those two are Joel Dewberry’s Modern Meadow and Michael Miller’s Lava Lamp.

Then I made one with a pieced exterior, separating the words into rows.
They were lots of fun to make! I am interspersing these fun projects with some little behind the scenes commission work that I am doing for a friend’s grandchildren for Christmas. The items are things like teddy bears, crayon aprons, doll quilts, etc. I am not going to share those pictures because I would hate to ruin her surprises!
These are now in the shop.