Twin Garden Phlox Needle Books

Amy Friendetsy, linocuts, sewing needle case4 Comments

I finally made myself a needle book and while I was at it, I made a twin for the shop.

The garden phlox linocut is one of my favorites and what sealed the deal was finding the material that I used on the back and inside of the needle books. It is called “Flower Power Stripe” by Lake House Dry Goods. I love it! I have always liked text used in artwork, fabric, whatever. But this material also has tans, greys, and pinks which I love AND is all about flowers! I really can’t get much better in my opinion!

I added a zig zagged snip of fabric from the panel that reads “Phlox” on the felt page as an appropriate embellishment considering the design on the cover.

I have begun happily filling my needle book. It really is a great little thing. I have a terrible tendency to stick my needles here and there, for example, the arm of the couch.
I have a question for you. Do you find yourself sewing faster if you are about to run out of thread, as if that will somehow help? I do and it makes me laugh every time. It happened on this project.
And finally, there has been some interest in the ladybug material that I designed on Spoonflower.

If I were to have it available for purchase on Spoonflower, it would cost $11 for a fat quarter plus shipping. If I were to order several yards with my 10% designer discount, I could sell it to you for a couple of dollars less per fat quarter. If you would be interested in some, please let me know and I will put an order in. It will take about a month to get to you (3 weeks for Spoonflower to ship and then I would get it out asap).