Wheels and Heels Parade

Amy Friendcrafts with the kids8 Comments

Today we hosted a “Wheels and Heels” parade at our house, cleverly named by my husband. Kids were to decorate anything that they could walk behind and push or in front of and pull. We did this because there is a yearly doll carriage parade in the next town over that Lily wanted to participate in but they changed the dates and we missed it.

Before thinking about it very long, I told her that we’d have the parade instead. Then I got nervous but it was a great time. This is my 4 year old Lily with her butterfly garden on wheels. She even wore her butterfly sundress and butterfly hair accessories and wings on her back.

Her carriage is covered with green felt for grass and then many, many tissue paper flowers. I did the folding but the kids helped open out all the flowers. Then Lily painted all the butterflies herself. She then stuffed every stuffed animal that she could into the carriage.

Timothy, age 7, went with a tropical/jungle theme. We wrapped his wagon in two layers of construction paper cut to look like grass.

The coconut tree is a mailing tube covered in brown paper with a little brown paint. The leaves are green felt with heavy wire hot glued to the underside to give them the ability to be shaped. The coconuts are balled up newspaper wrapped with masking tape and then painted.

He also drew animals and taped them on here and there in the grass. Riding in the wagon were monkeys, a tiger, a lizard, and a plastic snake, along with his favorite stuffed cat.

All the kids lined up and marched around the circular driveway to marching music while my mom filled out these ribbons that I made. They were each presented with one at the end. Since I don’t want to show pictures of other people’s kids without permission, I can tell you that we had a carriage draped with paper chains, one with dolls all wearing name tags, one with birthday balloons (it’s her birthday tomorrow), a doll’s bed with a canopy in a wagon, etc. Two girls even wore princess dressed and plastic high heels.

After, the kids played in the yard and snacked. They stared getting a little silly. Timothy took out the tree and started riding his wagon on his belly. It was a nice afternoon with beautiful weather. Penny loved the parade and music. She wanted a ribbon too so Mom wrote out one that said “The Cutest Baby” and she was quite pleased. Lily said that she wished that no one ever had to go home. Now I best go finish sweeping up the snacks from the porch!