Big Butt Baby Pants

Amy Friendchildren's clothing11 Comments

I purchased Made By Rae’s Big Butt Baby Pants pattern. I find that Penny is hard to fit because she is thin but tall, therefore, I prefer to make her pants. This pattern was made to accomodate cloth diapers. Though I use disposables, I love the pattern because it gives extra room through the bottom so that the pants aren’t pulling and riding low at the back of the waist like many other baby pants patterns I have tried.
First I tried it out with some fine wale corduroy that I bought at JoAnns. I cut a size 12-18 month with 18-24 month length for my 22 pound 15 month old. It’s a perfect fit with a 2 inch hem. I will let it down later in the winter.
Once I knew they fit, I cut into my Birds corduroy from Above All Fabrics and made a second pair. A third pair is in the works.

Penny is walking along furniture but not independantly so it was hard to get shots of her in the pants! I just knew these pictures wouldn’t satisfy you so here is a picture of the pants in action. This is the kids’ new favorite game. They pull Penny through the dining room on a fleece blanket. She loves it and points to the blanket and says “again, again, again” as soon as they take a break.