Burda 9564, check!

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I have such a long “to do” list at the moment. This dress was next on my list, not because it was needed most but because it had been promised to my daughter, Lily. She’s a clown this girl. This picture showed the dress best, along with her personality!

It’s Burda 9564 and it went together easily for me, except for the back zipper. I always find that the trickiest part. The material is from JoAnns. It’s possible to make it in one night if you stay up a little too late. I can tell you that from experience! If I could have seen how would fit I’d have gone up a size. It’s snug through the shoulders and likely to only fit for a couple of months. At least her little sister will get to wear it down the line.
Now, to the next item on the list!