Celtic Knot Linocut Pillow Cover

Amy Friendetsy, linocuts11 Comments

I just finished up a commissioned project that has been weighing on my mind. I was asked to make a 16″ pillow cover with a linen strip in the middle with a row of my linocut Celtic knots. Her only other request was that the material be green with some metallic gold. I had a really hard time finding green material with gold that was not Christmasy looking or too garish looking next to the linen and hand printed design.

Krista saved the day and sent me a piece of green fabric with a gold pattern that sort of echos the idea of the knots. I ended up only using touches of it but it helped me figure out the other fabrics. I used a batik and some green shot cotton. After talking to the woman who asked me to make it again, she told me to just go ahead and find something else if the gold wasn’t working, that she trusted my taste. I think what I gathered from her is that she was looking for a more formal looking pillow. So that’s what I went for. I hope she will be pleased.
I used lots of straight line quilting, with tan thread on the linen, and variegated green thread on the disappearing nine patch design. I also freemotion quilted around the knots. It gave them a lot of depth that I had trouble capturing in the photos. It’s a dreary day here today. I hope it’s sunnier where you are!