Completed Bathroom!

Amy Friendhome renovation15 Comments

I never thought that I would be showing off a toilet on my blog but here I am doing just that! Our new downstairs bathroom has been several months in the making. My husband is responsible for the majority of the work and it was done in the evenings and weekends. He jokes that he should have a blog called “After Quiet Time” because I ask him not to make lots of noise during nap time so he has to hold off on the loudest parts of projects till Penny is awake.

Here is the glass shower enclosure that we were waiting on for the last couple of weeks.

And here is a closer view to show off that tile panel. Doesn’t it look a bit like a tile mini quilt? I obviously have mini quilts on the brain too often.

Here is the sink area. I need to find a basket to put under the sink to hold the towels and cleaning supplies. I am having a hard time finding one in the right size and style though so it might look like this for awhile!

And finally, this is the towel wall behind the door. I searched a bit to find soft grey towels to match the grout on the floor tiles and the marble sink.
The best thing about the bathroom won’t be fully appreciated for another couple of months-radiant floor heating!
I am so glad that this project is over. We aren’t sitting idly though. Our office room which is adjacent to the new bathroom is already down to studs. We were happy to discover a pine and birch floor that we can preserve as well as an old door opening into the back hall that we are going to reopen!