Fall Hedgie Mini Quilt Door Hanging

Amy Friendlinocuts, mini quilt, quilting26 Comments

I finally found time to work on my Fall Hedgie door hanging. I made the print a couple of weeks ago now, I think.

I didn’t think that I had any fabric in the right colors for the print but it is amazing what one can scrounge up from scraps! As it turns out, I did have some yellows, greens, browns and oranges that are perfect for fall.

The finished quilt measures about 15″ square. It is just backed in Kona white and bound in Kona tarragon, pieced with scraps.

I’m particularly happy with the quilting. I tried quilting little loops in lines spaced about an inch apart for the center panel to give the feel of falling leaves. Then I carefully freemotion quilted around each leaf and around the hedgie, including his eye and other details. I also stitched down the center vein of each leaf. It gives the print nice dimension. The border is just straight line quilted.
Now I am debating whether it is too silly a quilt to hang on the front door. Maybe it is more of a back door item. It’s on the front door now. When I go out to preschool I will take a look over my shoulder and see what I think. It might get switched to the back door!