Quilting Process Mini #3

Amy Friendetsy, freezer paper stencils11 Comments

Are you getting sick of this series yet? I hope not because I don’t feel done with it yet. I am enjoying it!

I neglected to mention that the words are my own interpretation of how a quilt is dreamed up, constructed and comes to be loved. They are hand cut from a freezer paper stencil. I was asked about this after my last post.

Each mini so far has been in different color tones and I have tried out one new block design in each as well as different methods for attaching the two halves. I did one with the raw selvage edge and handstitching. I love that look but there is only so much selvage, you know? Then I seamed #2 with the rick rack stitched on top of the seam. Here it is spaced about three quarters of an inch away.
I am guessing that the fun will continue. I realize that I can’t keep them all so I am keeping #2 for the time being and putting #3 reluctantly in my shop. I hope it finds a home where it is loved!