"Quilting Process" Mini

Amy Friendetsy, freezer paper stencils, mini quilt13 Comments

Kristie from OCD: Obsessive Crafting Disorder (don’t you love that blog name?) asked me if I would be interested in making her a mini to hang in her sewing room. She wanted something like the pincushion I made for the Scrappy Pincushion Swap. I asked if she would like a slightly longer column of text so we could include “bind” and “crinkle” which I had cut out from the pincushion design for space reasons. I wanted it to resemble a pincushion more than a small pillow!

She asked for red, pink, aqua and whites. The pinks and reds look darker here than they do in person. I was having trouble with the light. Kristie asked that the text run in a column on the right side of the mini and that it measure 12″ x 15.” I decided to divide the left half up into three simple blocks with different types of quilt blocks. I printed my words along the selvage edge of the fabric so I could use the nice frayed edge. Then I added a little row of hand stitches in a shade of pink embroidery floss. I really enjoyed this project. Thanks for the opportunity Kristie!