Ruffled Big Butt Baby Pants

Amy Friendchildren's clothing8 Comments

Here is my son checking out Penny’s new ruffle bum as we call it. I made a third and “final for now” pair of Big Butt Baby Pants for Penny. I used Flamingo corduroy which is a salmony pink leaning toward orange. It’s tricky to match so I might have a hard time finding a top for her to wear with them. I wanted to add ruffles to the panel. Rae suggests using knit strips but I was thinking of eyelet. I didn’t have enough eyelet in the house for more than two rows so I made mini strips of the corduroy cut 1 3/4″ wide and hemmed with 1/4″ hems on top and bottom and then gathered the strips and stitched them on. It was a pain in the neck because the gathering thread was prone to snap since the corduroy is heavy. But it was worth it for the new ruffle bum pants as we are calling them. A girl can only wear ruffles like that for so long.