Tissue Box Cover from Mary

Amy Friendswap6 Comments

Mary sent me this wonderful tissue box cover for our new bathroom as her part of our swap. It came just as the bathroom was finished and is the perfect touch. Mary went all out. One side of the tissue box has a row of one inch squares that reference the glass accent tiles in our bathroom (and happen to be the same exact size as our tiles).

The other side has an applique design inspired by a design in Stitch magazine.

Turn the cover inside out, and you get a third look. This side has the letter “F” for our family’s last name. I sent Mary a paint chip to use while selecting fabrics and she did a great job. The tissue cover suits the bathroom really nicely.

We also swapped scraps. I am certain that I was spoiled here. Look at this sampling of what she sent! She was even so generous as to give me a Japanese print AND one of her prized Heather Ross goldfish. Can you believe that?
Thanks for a wonderful swap Mary!
(Check her blog for better pictures of the tissue box. Our bathroom lacks windows so all pictures have to be taken with flash and just don’t turn out all that well!)