5th Birthday Party

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For Lily’s fifth birthday, we invited about a dozen of her friends to our house for a costume party. We had a few very unscary decorations like the spider on a web that you see here. There was also a little Halloween bunting. We started with cupcakes with orange frosting and jack o lantern faces.

Then we moved to the craft! The kids all brought their favorite stuffed animals to dress up for Halloween. I had supplies like this on the table.

I also made up a bunch of costume pieces that could be embellished. We had crowns in yellow and pink, Indian headdresses, black capes, tutus and fairy wings. The kids could decorate those or use their imagination and scraps of fabric and construction paper.

Here is Snow White’s creation. Isn’t her bear cute? She carefully glued sequins all over the tutu!

After that we headed to the yard where we hung this spider pinata that Lily and I made. It was filled with plastic bats, Halloween erasers and lollipops (treats of her choice!).

My son had a great idea. He suggested that we use a broom to hit the spider since you can clean away cobwebs with a broom. We went with it! Here is Cinderella taking out all her frustrations with her wicked step mother and step sisters on the poor spider.

After that, we hung cider donuts bought from a farm down the road. The kids were supposed to eat them from the string without using their hands. This proved frustrating for some but mostly got a lot of laughs. It was hysterical. I definitely recommend this as a party game!

At the end of the party, it started to sprinkle but the shower passed in moments and we were blessed with a double rainbow arching over our barn. We feel certain it was meant for Lily on her special day!