Kokeshi Doll Ornaments

Amy Friendfreezer paper stencils, kokeshi dolls, ornament17 Comments

It would seem as though I can’t get enough of these Kokeshi dolls. I really do love them. They just make me smile!

Here is the group I have made so far. A couple will be hanging on my Christmas tree this year. I am also in two swaps that require sending out Christmas ornaments so up to 4 might go there. And my mom requested some as well. It looks like I will be needing to make some more!

My kokeshi dolls are made using freezer paper stencils but my next big project will be to attempt to make a silk screen for them. It will certainly save me time if I can make a good screen! Here I printed my designs, heat set them, and then backed them with two layers of heavy weight interfacing. Then I used fusible web to attach them to a wool blend felt. I finished them with a raw edge applique. They have enough body to not be flimsy but are also lightweight for easy hanging.

I will leave you with these happy little pictures. I have some Halloween costume sewing to do before preschool lets out and nap time ends!