Silk Screened Kokeshi Dolls!

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I have been quite literally talking about silk screening in my sleep. I woke up the other night while asking my husband if I had rinsed off my screen yet. He kindly told me “yes” without laughing at me and I said “good, I am going back to sleep now.” Do you think I am obsessed? Perhaps.

But, look at the results of such obsession! I successfully created two silk screens. One has the dresses and hair ornaments of the Kokeshi dolls and the other has the hair and other black details. I print the colored screen first followed by the black screen.

My mother offered to pick up more heavy weight interfacing for me so that I could put together these ornaments for the shop. She made a great discovery, Pellon Peltex 72 F Double-Sided Fusible. I sandwiched that in between my wool blend felt backing and the linen. The linens used here include natural, winter white and sand.

I have listed a big batch of ornaments in my shop. Thank you kindly for reading yet another post about Kokeshi dolls!