Another Custom Mini

Amy Friendapplique, etsy, mini quilt8 Comments

Remember the mini quilt I showed you a few days ago? The same customer asked me to make another custom mini for her son. She requested a design similar to the quilt I made for a recent baby shower gift but measuring 15″ x 15″. And, in place of animals, she wanted cars and trains. Her son is about 4, I believe, and he likes blue with touches of other boyish colors like red, green and yellow.

I ended up making three rows of 5″ squares. The borders are just 3/4″ wide so the squares within are 3 1/2.” The appliques had to be TINY!!

It was a sewing challenge to simplify my designs for each square to the point where I could neatly applique them. I am happy with the results though! I had fun embellishing with all sorts of buttons for wheels. I hope he loves it!