Baby Booties!

Amy Friendbaby, gifts15 Comments

If you were reading my blog back when I was expecting Penelope, you know that I love making baby booties! I must have made her a half dozen pairs. Well, tomorrow I get to go visit a new born so I thought I should bring him some booties! I made this super adorable (if I do say so myself) pair for baby Tyler. I used some fabric designed by Amy Schimler for Robert Kauffman that I got in a scrap bag for the toes. I fussy cut them using my favorite puppies and arranged things so that the puppies would be facing each other when the baby wears them. I used denim for the remainder of the exterior and cream fleece for the lining. I went out on a limb and used accent thread, like you see on jeans, for the stitching. I worry about doing that because the stitching needs to be so perfect for it to look good!

A local friend is expecting twin baby girls any day now. She needed a pick me up a couple of weeks ago so I made her these booties for her girls. I am happy to report that she loved them and they took her mind of her sciatic pain for a few moments at least!
Here is the link to the free tutorial for the baby booties.