Potholder Pass 5 Received!

Amy Friendpotholder pass swap8 Comments

I actually jumped for joy when I saw Rosina’s name on the return address of the package I received yesterday. I am not generally a jump for joy type but you will soon understand why I did! First off, she made these beautiful Christmas potholders in my requested color scheme of red, white and linen. There was a bird ornament in my inspirational mosaic that gave her the idea to create this adorable bird applique. I love them. I particularly like the linen material with little red hearts. Isn’t it sweet?

Then, there was this ornament, the icing on the cake, the reason for my jump for joy. From the minute that Rosina posted a picture of this ornament on Flickr, I have thought of nothing else! I love it. It’s called stump work embroidery and I think it is just amazing and beautiful. It was her first attempt. Can you believe that? I actually contacted her asking if there was anyway she would be willing to make another for a private swap. This must have been so hard for her, knowing that I was about to receive it. She politely wrote back that we could consider it but she had some holiday projects she had to get to first. It sounded completely appropriate to me. She didn’t let on at all! I am truly overjoyed to have received this gift from Rosina. The whole package is lovely. The potholders will be for decoration, not use. And the ornament will be hung all winter long where I can look at it every day.