It was Merry!

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Santa brought the kids musical instruments. Timothy got a harmonica, Lily a kazoo and a duck call, and Penny got a mini tambourine and egg shakers. They have been serenading us ever since!

Despite our best efforts, we could not get the three kids to stand together by the tree for a group shot. This little one won’t stop moving (hence the “soft” focus!). She thrilled me this Christmas with the attention she gave her new baby and stroller from Santa. It’s so sweet.

And later today, Lily and I are going to try out her new Easy Bake oven! I have such fond memories of mine.
Timothy has been busy building Legos and willingly made his bed for the first time thanks to his new Star Wars pillow cases I made for him!
I hope you all enjoyed your day and continue to enjoy the festivities!