Mini QT Swap Received

Amy Friendmini QT swap8 Comments

I signed up for the Mini QT Swap for the month of December and January. The theme is “Take Flight.” Much to my surprise, my partner, Carol, had my quilt done before the swap began and sent it right out! She called this mini “Birds on a Wire” and she used her crayon technique to create it. I love the way the dense quilting on the white background really makes the birds pop out. The little brown bird’s expression makes me smile. The quilt is just under 8 x 10.” I love the embellishment too; the French knots are the perfect touch! It’s fun to see one of Carol’s pieces up close after being in so many of the same swaps but not being partners till now! As Carol said, “It’s about time!”

The birds are happy here and moved right in! I’m trying not to let Carol’s promptness freak me out. Her quilt is unlikely to be started until after Christmas!