My Hedgie Pillow Cover!

Amy Friendholiday, linocuts11 Comments

I finished my hedgie pillow cover today and am excited to share it with you; so excited in fact that I am showing a picture taken with flash. I much prefer daylight shots but it’s getting hard these days!
My hedgie design is a linocut on linen (this version is sold out of my shop at the moment but if you are interested, let me know and I will print more–those printed on white are still available.) I created an elongated hexagon shape with fabric strips varying from 1″ wide to 2 1/8″ wide. I backed it with Bliss Fresh in Scarlet. Instead of my normal envelope style closure, I used an invisible zipper for the first time. I quilted the pillow front, stitching 1/4″ from the seams and then free motion quilting around the hedgie and each of the snowflakes. I literally couldn’t see straight when I was done those snowflakes.
Now that I have a fall hedgie and a winter hedgie, I am certain that I will complete the seasons with a spring and summer hedgie as well! I will wait for spring and summer respectively to do that though! Oh, I nearly forgot to mention that I threw in a strip of printed snowflakes down in the bottom left hand corner. Do you see them?