Oliver + S Birthday Party Dress

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I made my first Oliver + S dress. I had to see what the hype was all about. My mom bought 3 yards of this beautiful aqua/turquoise velveteen as a gift for the girls’ Christmas dresses. I wanted dresses that were fancy enough for Christmas but that they could wear all winter. I only had the larger sizes of this pattern so Penny’s dress will be made from a different, though similar pattern.

I first found this button in my grandmother’s button bag and I loved it. Once I moved the dress into a different lighting situation though, I could tell that the color was all wrong.

Fortunately, Grammie’s button bag pulled through and I found this perfect match, along with five coordinating buttons that go down the back of the dress.

And last but not least, Lily modelled for me. She can’t seem to keep her hands to her side though to show the dress nicely! For Christmas, she will wear a long sleeve white shirt and white tights and black shoes. This was just a quick, let’s try this on and hope it fits session. Happily, it fits. But sadly, it barely fits. I should have made a size 7. I swear this girl grows inches each night!