Package from the Netherlands!

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About a month ago, I won a giveaway on Nicolette’s blog and won one of her hexagon needle books. This is the one that she chose to send to me! Her package arrived yesterday after a long three week trip!

She surprised me by including a tulip postcard, adorable Dutch wrapping paper that I carefully opened out so that I could save some, a little clip with a tiny shoe charm and an “I love Holland” charm (not pictured here), and a stack of Dutch fabric!

Here is a better shot of the fabric once I removed the pretty ribbon. Aren’t they charming? I am just in love with them. I have to think of something perfect to make with them. They will definitely inspire a project in 2011!
Nicolette is special to me because she was one of the first to read my blog when I started it up nearly two years ago. She continues to drop in from time to time and comment. I love the package Nicolette. Thank you!