Peg Doll Ornaments

Amy Friendholiday, peg doll14 Comments

I saw some peg dolls on Flickr at some point last year and have been wanting to paint some ever since. These were done fairly quickly but I’d love to do some fancier ones sometime too.

I painted 8 of them (2 of each design). They are about 2″ tall. The smallest eye hook that we had still seemed to overwhelm them so my husband came up with a great idea. He had me mark the top of each head with an awl and then drilled the tiniest of holes. Then we took apart a length of copper speaker wire (conveniently cut from the wires still hanging out of the wall in the new, still not finished office!) and used a single strand to form the hanger. They are held in with super glue.

I suspended them from their hangers along a wire in the basement and sprayed them with a clear acrylic varnish.
Now that I have a process down, I’d like to make some more, perhaps for other seasons too!