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I got sidetracked. My Christmas to do list was set aside to do a few quick items for the kids’ wardrobes! When Penny turned one, my mother in law made her the knit dress seen above. Penny was only crawling at the time but now is walking pretty steadily and can wear dresses! Before, they would get caught under her knees while crawling. My mother in law doesn’t like to knit button holes so she will often give us items needing fasteners of some sort, knowing that I sew. This time, the dress didn’t fasten at the shoulders. I thought about knotting it but didn’t want to stretch the knit out of shape. I ended up making covered buttons and stitching them through both layers of knit, securing them with a clear button in the back so they don’t pull through. Because nearly everything Penny owns is pink and lavender, I needed to make her something to wear with the dress.

I made another pair of Big Butt Baby Pants (pattern by Made by Rae). This time I did the optional top stitching around the back panel and love it.

Then, of course, I couldn’t neglect big sister who seems to grow an inch a day.

We bought this horse corduroy on sale at JoAnns awhile back. She big into horses so she loves them.
Now I need to get back to that list!