Wrapping It Up!

Amy FriendUncategorized12 Comments

I am really getting into this reusable wrapping trend. It’s fun to make pretty reusable bags. I made a batch of these for some of our gifts this year. I used my linoleum block snowflake from my hedgie prints.

Don’t think that I have made enough bags to wrap everything this way! But it’s a start. I also made a bag for my daughter that will do double duty and serve as the wrapping for another one of her gifts. My son is getting pillow cases that will also wrap his gifts.

Apparently I have been reading too much of Michele’s blog because I started admiring the form of a plastic container in our recycling the other day. My daughter loves to pull things from the recycling and stash her toys in them. I thought she’d appreciate this container because it has a nice pop top and is easy to open and close. I got out the Mod Podge and some red, turquoise and pink scraps and decorated it a bit. It’s at least a step above pulling it directly from recycling. I am going to use it to wrap another present and my guess is that it will soon be full of plastic animals, marbles or a collection of little glass jewels.