All In Fun

Amy Friendhome renovation9 Comments

The last time I shared a home renovation update was in October. At that point, our office room had been taken down to the studs, rewired, wall board put up and painted and the floors refinished. Since then, my husband has installed the trim around all five windows and the baseboards, cut through the wall where a door used to exist and reframed it, painted the trim, moved back in the desk and bookshelf and fishtank so we could resume use of the room, and began the process of building a built in bench. I had a vision of an “L” shaped bench where we could sit with storage below and a table in front. After a little sketching, we came up with this. Some of the openings will be cubbies and some will have door fronts. The tall portion on the right end will have two doors and a lamp on top. The table will come later, as will the built in bookshelf to the right of the bench. The bench has been slow going as my husband has a day job and all. I have been going on and on about the fact that I want it done so I can make pillows to decorate it. Since pillow forms were on sale at JoAnns today, I picked up a few in preparation and left them on the bench…all in fun of course…it should make him laugh.
Oh, those vertical things on the bench are clamps holding on a piece that was glued on and not yet dry.