Happy New Year!

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1. Stained Glass Windows, 2. String Leaf Potholder, 3. Mini QT Swap-May 2010, 4. Color Play with Scattered Dots, 5. Scalloped Spectrum Handprinted Covered Buttons, 6. Sundrop in Summer Mini Quilt, 7. Pincushion made for Pincushion Pass, 8. Potholders for Potholder Pass 4, 9. Rainbow Leap Frogs for Scrappy Mug Rug Swap, 10. Kissing Goldfish…Through Their Bags, 11. “Quilting Process” pincushion front for Scrappy Pincushion Swap, 12. Silk Screened Kokeshi Doll Ornaments, 13. Quilting Process Silk Screen in Light Grey and Golden Yellow
I wasn’t going to post a mosaic but everyone is doing it! I can’t be left out now can I? This is a sampling of some of my favorite creations from 2010.
Looking back on 2010, what amazes me the most however, are my children and their growth. Collectively, over the past year, 14 new teeth came in, 2 teeth were lost, 26 pounds were gained and 10 1/2″ were sprouted. Penny took her first steps and spoke her first words. Lily started writing letters and showing amazing artistic skills. She has also matured emotionally and has become the world’s best sharer. And Timothy is reading, telling time, counting out change, and proving to be a friend to all at school. Parenting is certainly challenging but it definitely brings me the greatest joy. The stuff in the mosaic is icing on the cake!
Happy New Year my friends.