Mini QT "Take Flight"

Amy Friendlinocuts, mini QT swap19 Comments

You might remember that I received an amazing “Birds on a Wire” quilt made by Carol for our December/January Mini QT swap. She has now received my quilt so I can share it with you. Our theme was “Take Flight.” Remembering that Carol really liked my Scrappy Mug Rug with frogs, this idea came to mind. I printed my linoleum block frog and built this applique around him.

He is supposed to be leaping from the twig/leaf diving board into the pond where he will hopefully land on the lily pad. I added a little embroidered fly to the background with some three dimensional sheer wings and quilted its path. The colorful rainbow at the top is similar to the mug rug that Carol liked but was also added for more color because I know that Carol likes lots of white and bright colors and I aimed to please!

I was hesitant to make this quilt because I thought that the idea was a little silly but Carol has a great sense of humor and my husband encouraged me to go for it. I’m glad I did because it was very enjoyable to make.