Row by Row

Amy Friendlady of the lake, quilting12 Comments

I’m going to give you a glimpse into my wacky mind. As I work on this quilt, I can’t get the Peter, Paul and Mary song that goes “inch by inch, row by row, I’m gonna make this garden grow” out of my mind. Just replace “garden” with “quilt” and it works though.
I now have 5 blocks by 5 blocks, a respectable lap size quilt but I am going for 6 blocks by 8 blocks so I have a ways to go.
I haven’t decided yet if the Lady of the Lake blocks will be arranged so that they form diagonal lines of darker grey blocks and lighter grey blocks (like this layout in the picture) or if I will place them randomly. I am also thinking of taking out the solid yellow shot cotton large half square triangles. They are a brighter lemon yellow and I am not sure I like them. They have been bothering me from the start.
My fabric came in so the Happy Butterfly print and the grey elephants are in my new blocks. I decided against the yellow elephants when I saw them in person. They are less yellow and more apricot. They are cute but don’t work well with these colors.
I haven’t gotten much sewing done this past week due to all the snow and need to remove it. And there is more coming this week. Ugh.