Ship Ahoy Mini Quilt

Amy Friendetsy, linocuts, mini quilt, quilting10 Comments

My nautical kick continues today. I have been wanting to piece a sailboat and so I did! There are 13 little white sails on this boat, each measuring only an inch! I love the way it turned out! It looks so sharp against the dark navy batik.

And the Modern Meadow material makes a nice ship’s hull.

Here are some close ups of the other blocks. Once I got over my fear of ruining my prints by stitching on them, I have been enjoying freemotion quilting around them. It adds nice dimension. Next, I have to try to stitch through them without regard to the design and see what happens.
My nautical kick is now over and I am moving on. I am hoping my yellow fabrics will come in the mail today and I can resume work on my yellow and grey Lady of the Lake quilt. This nautical quilt is in my shop. I hope it will hang in a little boy’s room or perhaps a vacation house by the sea.