Tell me what you think about frogs

Amy Friendetsy, linocuts7 Comments

I’ve been asked a number of times now whether or not I am going to print any frogs for my shop. I would be happy to but I am not sure how best to do so. See, it all started with rainbow colored frogs playing leap frog in order to get into their proper spots.

Then I reprinted them for a funky, non traditional set of Christmas potholders.

Most recently, I printed just the leaping frog as a part of this mini quilt.
If I did offer them in the shop, would you like to be able to buy a fabric square with a single green leaping frog? Would you want a line of rainbow colored frogs playing leap frog? Would you prefer a package of prints with the rainbow colored frogs each on their own square of fabric so that you could sew them together or not as desired? Would you prefer a panel with the frogs and a pattern for the mug rug or mini quilt? What do you think?