Dance With Me-Take Two!

Amy Friendetsy, linocuts, mini quilt13 Comments

Phew! I couldn’t stand looking at that garish picture of my “Dance With Me” mini anymore. I’ve been having so much trouble with the camera lately and have blamed it on the weather. As it turns out, he who shall remain nameless, messed with the settings and it was on “dim” requiring way to much lightening in Photoshop and therefore the awful color. So, let me reintroduce my mini.

I finished up a mini quilt for my shop, inspired by my five year old daughter’s first ballet lesson this week. I used my linoleum block carving of a dress on a hanger that I call “Puff Sleeves” for the center of the quilt. I free motion quilted around the dress which gives it really nice depth. I added some embroidered flowers at the top with beaded centers. And the words “dance with me” are free motion quilted at the bottom center with a glass bead to dot the “i.”

The pinwheels and half square triangles are pieced in some of my favorite pink, yellow, white and green feminine, floral prints.