Doll House: Bathroom and Master Bedroom

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I’m continuing the tour of my childhood dollhouse today. For my first post see here. This is the parents’ bedroom. I didn’t make too much in this room but I did make all the bedding for the canopy bed.

Again, I made a yoyo coverlet. Apparently I really liked how they looked and thought that they suited the time period of the house.

The mother has her sewing area set up in her bedroom. I remember making and staining this tiny little balsa wood box and filling it with cards of notions. I glued beads on cards for buttons and wrapped thread around cards for twine or ribbon.

The bathroom is in the upstairs hall, between the bedrooms. It’s a little bit tiny and the furniture doesn’t quite fit. That didn’t stop me from putting in this bathroom set though. It was love at first sight. Look at that pull chain toilet!

In this room, I embroidered little flowers on some wide ribbon to serve as a rug. I also made cross stitch towels.
I should take this opportunity to tell you about the supposed time period of the house. When I was 11, I decided that I wanted to decorate the doll house from “the time period when people didn’t have electricity but the people in the house would be wealthy, like the Olsen family in Little House on the Prairie, so that they could have some fancy things.” The Little House on the Prairie books were, and still are, my favorites.