Doll House: Children’s Room

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I received an unfinished Colonial doll house for Christmas in 1985 when I was about 11. It was one of those real “dream come true” gifts for me and is still one of my most cherished possessions. It has been all packed up since we moved 5 years ago and I decided that it was time to set it up again. It sits in the sun room now where I sew and makes me smile. Many, many hours of serious crafting went into the doll house from the time I was in 5th grade through highschool. I have no desire to redo the house because I like all the memories I have of creating it just the way it is. And honestly, I am not very different from my 11 year old self so I would make many of the same decisions today. I would like to finish things I never got to though, like trim around the doors and windows. I thought I would take you on a tour, one room at a time.

This is the children’s room, shared by two beautiful porcelain dolls.

I made this woven rug for the floor. As I recall, I folded strips of fabric and wove them through twine. Then I backed it to keep everything in place. I still love it to this day.

I used a cheater print that my Mom had to make a wall quilt. I tied it with thread.

I made bedding, again with scraps from my Mom’s fabric trunk. I taught myself to make little yo yos and made bedspreads with them.

And because no child’s room is complete without toys scattered all over the floor, I made this tiny, tiny soldier out of a toothpick.

And I made a drum. If you look carefully in the full room shot, you can see a little set of blocks that I cut and painted and get this, wood burned. What was I thinking burning wood on blocks that were 1/4″ big and that I was holding in my bare hands? I must have gotten some burns but if so, I have blocked that out successfully.
I will be back another day with another room! I hope you enjoyed your tour!