Doll House: Kitchen

Amy Frienddoll house, miniatures9 Comments

This is my favorite room in my doll house, and the last room on the tour. I will show some shots of the exterior at some point. The kitchen has a brick floor with mortar and everything. It’s one of my favorite features in my doll house and something I’d love to have in my real life kitchen someday. I probably crafted the most for this room. I added exposed ceiling beams so that I could hang baskets and some braided garlic that I made, as well as a little net bag of oranges. On the wall, in the front left corner, there is a punched tin lantern that I made. About that time we did a punched tin craft in girl scouts which undoubtedly inspired me.
I also made those little sconces over the sink with birthday candles. Take note of the icecream maker and sundae cups!

The kitchen has an icebox with tongs and a chunk of fake ice in the top. You can see the icebox and hutch best in this picture, I think.

What I really loved making was the food. I can still smell the aroma of the dough that I used. It was a mixture of glue and bread torn into bits. It was an odd smell. The food has held up pretty well over time! I would guess that I made these 20 years ago. I painted them and coated them in a clear acrylic varnish after they had air dried. Let’s see, I made a turkey, some sort of plum pudding I think, strawberry shortcake, asparagus with sauce, bread, a bunch of grapes, a blueberry pie, cream puffs, a roast with potatoes and carrots (tied with string!), a cherry cheesecake (with cardboard for the graham cracker bottom!), and turnovers. Oh, I really loved making food. I might have to make some more!
I was asked where I found all the store bought doll house accessories. When I was little, there was a woman in the town next to us who had a shop in her front room called “Kay’s Gift Shop.” She had an assortment of items including doll house furniture that she sold for next to nothing. I used to save my birthday and Christmas money to shop there. There were also two doll house stores within about a half an hour drive. On occasion, I would go to doll house shows that were held in hotel function rooms.