Doll House: Living Room

Amy Frienddoll house, miniatures6 Comments

Welcome to part three of my childhood dollhouse tour! I have to say that I am really excited that some of you are enjoying seeing these pictures. I am having fun sharing them.
This is the living room/sitting room. Perhaps one of the sweetest items in this room was a gift from my husband when we were newly married. See that little picture frame over the desk? He printed one of our wedding pictures in black and white (to be appropriate for the time period and all) and put it in a little frame. This room also reminds me of my grandmother an awful lot. She passed away just two years ago and there are things I will never change about this room because they hold so many memories of her. The peach material used to cover the piano bench and for the curtains, along with the materials used for the little pillows on the couch, were scraps left over from pillows that my mother made for my grandmother. These colors and materials just remind me of her home.

I also decided that my doll house family *needed* bits of tatting on their couch back and arm rests, on the piano, the table, and the mantle. My grandmother used to tat quite a bit. I asked her if she would make these for me and she said that she had forgotten how to tat. She brushed up on her skills though and made them for me nonetheless. They are more special to me with time.
Beside the piano, there is a music stand with a flute resting on it. I played the flute when I was in grade school and junior high. And I just love the beautiful feathered hat on the coat rack by the door and the tea service on the table.
I’ll be back with pictures of my favorite room, the kitchen, next time!