Dreaming of Summer

Amy Friendchildren's clothing13 Comments

I like snow in moderation but what we have right now exceeds that by a couple of feet! I needed to sew something with spring and summer in mind. I made another pair of Big Butt Baby Pants for Penelope. There is no cute picture of her wearing them because they are a size too big because she won’t be wearing them for a few more months. The elastic is just safety pinned in place and they are not yet hemmed. I’ll do that when I see how big she gets!
I found this denim with embroidered watermelons at JoAnns. I thought it would make perfect playground pants (nice and dark to hide all the stains caused by crawling on knees and such). I played a bit with the “big butt” panel. I used a heavy red fabric and embroidered some watermelon seeds. When it was time to add the optional top stitching around the back panel, I switched to a lime green thread and used a zig zag to represent the rind. I look forward to seeing her wear these when I can see the grass again!